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I am attempting to merge everything onto a new website. Sorry if it looks horrific. The old blog can be found here. So, about me:

Hi, I'm Dill Werner. I'm a genderqueer, panromantic, demisexual author of adult and young adult queer fiction. If you want to know what all that means, check out this post. My pronouns are they/them, please. Thank you! If you like my writing, the work I've done, or want to help out with my medical bills, consider sending a ko-fi my way. Any little bit helps!

I grew up in South Carolina where I spent my summers on the North Carolina coast, catching crabs, eating oysters, and swimming at North Myrtle Beach's Cherry Grove. Unfortunately, I never found out how to become a mythical merperson who could command the sea creatures with their voice. One day.

My college career was divided, 2.5 years at the College of Charleston and 2.5 years at the University of South Carolina, where I graduated with two Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing and German. While at CofC, I studied abroad at the University College of Northampton, UK. At USC, I studied in Magdeburg, Germany, teaching English as a second language and traveling throughout Sachsen-Anhalt. I now live in South Carolina with my amazing spouse. When not writing, I collect pickle paraphernalia and chase after my 3-toed rabbit, Panda Bear. He bites.

Unfortunately, I have a not-so-good body, which I'll occasionally write about. I'm a spoonie. I live with chronic migraines, arthritis, muscle injuries, a suppressed immune system, and a laundry list of mental illnesses that I'm not ashamed of. I take medication for my bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and depression. Other YA authors have shared this information in an effort to take away the stigma that comes with taking medication for their mental illness diagnoses. If you do, you're not alone. Everyone needs help from time to time. The important part is knowing when you're at risk and asking for help.

I'm currently represented by literary agent Deidre Knight, NYT Bestselling author and president of The Knight Agency. I wrote a post detailing all the fun of getting signed and my experiences with Twitter pitch contests, which brought us together. We're working on a YA series that tackles bi-phobia and bi-erasure in a sci-fi setting, and an adult fantasy that follows the queer troupe members of an international, magical circus. Think Cirque du Soleil with magic!

People tend to get my name wrong, so here's a little help:

Recent Articles and Guest Blog Posts: Demisexuality is an orientation—not a condition of ‘being picky’ interviewed by Nico Lang for The Daily Dot January 2017 Navigating the In-Between: Demisexuality in YA Lit by Dill Werner for the Gay YA's Asexual Awareness Week, December 2016. Queer Enough guest post by Dill Werner, October 2016 20 Nonbinary Creators You Need to Keep An Eye Out For by Cellie Simkiss for Culturess, November 2017

Queer Resources Page by Dill Werner, ongoing

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