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[Dill Werner] write queer adult and young adult fiction about fantastical circuses and asexual magicians. It is well known that they will try anything and everything pickle flavored, and probably tell you about it on Instagram.

For Dill Werner, though, the concept of having a one-night stand is both alien and terrifying, like slipping through a wormhole into an alternate universe. 

I can only speak for one person when it comes to demisexuality—me. My experiences, my preferences, my sexuality, me. Being a queer demisexual means that I fall somewhere along a spectrum within a spectrum along another spectrum.

Cellie Simkiss,

Nico Lang,
The Daily Dot

Dill Werner,
YA Pride

In The Press


Dill Werner is a genderqueer, demisexual-panromantic author of queer fiction for adults and young adults, who uses they/them pronouns. While earning degrees in Creative Writing and German Language and Literature, they taught ESOL in Germany and German in the United States, which wasn’t confusing at all.

They also spoke with INTO More for the article Non-Binary and Trans Survivors Are Suffering Silently Through the Kavanaugh Confirmation. When not attending Cirque du Soleil shows or swimming like a mermaid, they live with their spouse and two chonky bunnies in the southeastern United States.

Services Offered

I now offer sensitivity and beta reading as well as NineStar PressWhile I work as a sensitivity reader for the queer publisher first chapter or first 50-pages and synopsis or query critiques. I'm a veteran of many Twitter pitch contests and can assist in helping to perfect your 240-character promo. I not only read for queer themes, but have a long list of disability and mental illness topics I can assist with.

Please see my Services Offered page for details and pricing on:


  • Full Manuscript Sensitivity Read

  • Partial Sensitivity Read, including Individual Scenes and Short Stories

  • Trigger/Content Warning List

  • Twitter Pitch

  • Query or Synopsis Critique

  • Opening Chapters and Query or Synopsis Critique

  • Professional Consult

Services Offered


Follow me:

Twitter @dillwerner

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Facebook Dill Werner Page

Email: Please use the contact form below. I'm quick to reply to sensitivity reading requests.

Thanks! Message sent. I'll contact you shortly. -Dill

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